Suction vs Robotic Pool Vacuums

We’ve all spent hours of our days manually vacuuming debris out of the bottom of our pools that could have been time better spent. Along came the “Automatic Pool vacuums” like Kreepy’s and Wally Whales and Navigators that would save us all time. And these suction vacuums did for a long time, but have they become relics of the past? Robots have started invading!

kreepymessThe original alien-looking vacuum heads were attached to sectional corrugated hose that had to be connected, placed into the pool without coiling and then wrestle with them until we could get them full of water. Using the pools return jet got the job done but also got us soaked in the process. Then came the slight of hand… getting the filled hose over to the skimmer basket and scooped up fast enough so as not to lose the prime and not get that darn flappy weir door in our way. It seems like a lot of work but hey, off it went clicking and randomly cleaning the pool bottom. Now you could sit back and relax… WRONG! You have to keep checking in on the vacuum as it frequently got stuck in a corner or around a ladder or on a main drain at the bottom. Poke poke away with the pole and get it to come around and clean the other two thirds of the pool.

All that to say they are random cleaners that require a fair amount of effort at set-up and then taking them out of the pool – no one on the planet has ever accomplished this and stayed dry! Not to mention that these suction cleaners simply pass over the floor sucking up debris but miss out on what’s in the creases and hardly removes any fixed dirt.

Then came the robots! Robotic vacuum cleaners – totally self contained robotic heads that look more like space ships that roam the pool bottom and some even clean the pool walls. They not only remember your pool shape but they are much more efficient and tend to get 95% or more of the pool clean on the first run! They also sport silicone scrub brushes that are gentle enough to scrub debris and algae off pool surfaces without harming the vinyl liners. What??? No pipes to fill? No clicking noise? No need to dislodge it from a ladder or corner?

evac-RC9738CTBY-1That’s right – simple pool cleaning. Take the robot drop it in the water, plug in the low voltage 50-foot cord to the power unit on your deck and press the button. Robotic vacuums like the E-vac Pro from Hayward has been one of the forerunners with easy top loading debris compartments making it super easy to empty the bin and hose off filters that actually pick up fine dust, pollen, algae, seeds, pine needs and more.

Robotic vacuums are truly the next level of pool maintenance and with so many choices from many different manufacturers the market is ripe for the picking. At Sani-Sol we take pride in the fact that we are Hayward dealer and stand behind the product. Good quality, easy access the parts and technical support make the choice simple for us. Drop by our showroom and ask us about our FREE DEMO TRIAL so you can try it before you buy it.

Want to learn more watch this video.

By Phil Tanguay, Manager Sani-Sol Pool & Spa

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