Cloudy Pool Openings

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to open our pools in a pristine, clear, clean condition, but sometimes we don’t and that can lead to frustration. It can be easier if you follow a simple plan. Most pools will open with a cloudy or haziness to the water unless it is green with algae. opening-kit

The prescription is the same:

  1. Start by getting the pool circulating and filtering (always ensure your water level is appropriate – halfway up the skimmer face first).
  2. Shock the pool with a strong chlorine shock like BioGuard’s “Power Chlor” (which is specially formulated to be put through the skimmer so no mixing is required) or other similar granulated shock – follow directions for super-chlorination.
  3. Apply a strong Algaecide such as BioGuard’s “Banish” or “Erase” for severe cases of green swampiness. Even if your pool is not green its always best to use prevention.
  4. Remove debris. The pool should be brushed and/or vacuumed so as to remove and organic matter that may have accumulated over the closed season. Decaying leaves, pine needles, acorns, pine cones, seeds… all take a toll on the chlorine and reduce its overall effectiveness. Even if you have to scoop or vacuum around blindly, any debris removed with help speed up the process.
  5. Monitor your chlorine levels! Even though you may believe you’ve added a large dose of chlorine, it can be depleted quickly and leave nothing behind to finish the job. So check your chlorine levels with a test strip, chlorine drop kit or bring a water sample into us so we can check exact levels.

You may think that you added the same amount of shock last year and had no issues but seasons do vary along with contaminant levels, temperatures and time frames which all play a role in how easy or difficult an opening can be.

Cloudy or hazy pools can take anywhere from hours to weeks to clear depending on severity. Only after you are consistently maintaining adequate chlorine levels do we suggest adding water clarifiers or other measures. Otherwise you could be fighting chlorine demand.

Only after your pool is clear do we really suggest balancing for swimmer comfort. Follow these steps and you’ll likely be enjoying a crystal clear pool in no time.

Written by Phil Tanguay, Manager Sani-Sol Pool & Spa



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