Early Pool Opening Saves Money & Headaches

As the winter fades and the last of the ice melts, its time to think about opening the pool. Many pool owners will hold off until they are ready to swim thinking they can save chemical and energy costs and they are not wrong. However, there is a high risk that a pool opened too late can turn into a green swamp which can dissolve all of your savings and more. It becomes even more of an issue for those with pool covers as we can’t see the state of the water until it’s too late. With warmer sun, no circulation and no chlorine to keep it at bay, algae can wreak havoc and take forever to get rid of the longer it sits festering.

Getting your pool up and running as soon as the ice is gone can save you money by:

  1. Allowing circulation – stagnant water will turn green faster than circulating water.
  2. Filtration removes smaller debris and particulate that clouds the water.
  3. Getting chlorine into the water to kill bacteria – and it lasts much longer in the colder water temperatures so you use far less.
  4. Adding an algaecide early in the season will work wonders to keep algae at bay.
  5. With the cover removed there’s less risk of decomposing debris both on the cover and below the cover.
This could be festering under your cover during April and May

Did you know that organic material that is allowed to stay in the water for as little as one month (April until May) can create a contamination and ultimately a “chlorine demand” (see our previous post about this) which can be very costly to eradicate and take much longer to clean up.

Pools in the early spring don’t require pumps to run as long which can save money, chlorine lasts longer in colder water and with virtually no swimming is easier to maintain. That way when it does get closer to swimming time the pool is ready to go.

ATTENTION Salt pool owners – salt systems do not produce any chlorine when water is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit so even these pools need to be supplemented with chlorine granules, liquid or pucks temporarily until the water warms up and top-up salt is added.

Water should also be balanced as soon as possible as it can become acidic with all the snow and ice in the pool over the winter which is detrimental to your pool surfaces and equipment.

Opening the pool earlier tends to be easier with less mess, the longer we wait the higher the risk of problems that always cost money and time – things which are both precious especially during summer.

If you are not ready for it and would like us to open your pool – we offer full pool services just give us  a call today.

Written by Phil Tanguay – Sani-Sol Pool & Spa

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