Warmer Weather Water Change

Winter may not be entirely over yet but every so often we luck out and find ourselves enjoying a warm patch of weather during the colder season. It’s a good idea to take advantage and change that spa or hot tub water.

Drain SpaMost spas or hot tubs that are not on salt systems require periodic water changes. Between the products we add to balance and the usage where we introduce waste to a tub, water quality takes a toll. Everything contributes to the TDS – Total Dissolved Solids, a measurement that determines how saturated the water is. The point where the water cannot dissolve any more. This is difficult to determine on one’s own but your local spa dealer can test the water and see how far along it is.

Imagine a glass of water where we add spoonfuls of sugar or salt and stir. Initially it dissolves very easily, but the more we add the longer it takes to dissolve. Eventually we get to the saturation point, where the sugar or salt no longer dissolves, it just sits at the bottom, no matter how much we stir. The same is true of our hot tubs, with all the chemicals, cosmetics, body oils… it all adds up until one day we get a nasty surprise of cloudy or less than perfect water.

The general rule of thumb based on average use by 1-3 bathers is water should be changed every 3 to 4 months. Sometimes we can wait a little longer but that tends to take a harder toll on the filters and we use more chemical to achieve the same water quality. It’s always best to be proactive and change the water before its too late.

As a note, salt-water tubs don’t have to be drained as frequently because the salt is what creates the sanitizer so there is less chemical fillers in the water adding to the TDS. However, they still get used and dirty so it’s still a good idea to change the water every 6-10 months or as required.

Most regular users in our colder climates will change the water just before winter starts like November or early December so they can go until March before they have to do a refill. But… if you have to do it during the colder months…choose a mild day in the winter to remove and clean the filters, flush lines with a pipe cleaner such as

Swirl Away hot tub pipe cleaner

SwirlAway®, then drain the tub removing as much water as possible, and wash the acrylic shell. Do not use household cleaners as many of them have foaming agents that are difficult to remove and don’t use any abrasive cleaners or tools. Now you can refill the tub and start fresh with another 3-4 months use.

Written by Phil Tanguay

Manager at Sani-Sol Pool & Spa http://www.sani-sol.com

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