10 Best Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

Marquis “Spirit” – great space-saving plug-in spa

1. Family Get Together’s – There’s nothing better than spending quality time with the family, by having no technology around and keeping it simple, it encourages conversation.

2. Stars – Some of the best times to view the constellations and stars is at night while soaking in the warm water. This is especially true in the winter months when the air is crisp and stars and planets more visible.

3. Entertaining – A barbecue is great but it can get boring year after year, get a spa or hot tub and you’ll be surprised how fast your place becomes the number one house to hang out! Its great to entertain all your guests!

4. Romance – Hot Tubs are a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones and reconnect. It allows you to make the time for each other as you’ll find yourselves in the hot tub at the end of the working day.

5. Massage & Relaxation – The jets and warm water combined help sooth muscles, forcing your body to relax, enjoy and indulge after a long day.

6. Privacy – Sure, you can use the hot tub at the leisure centre, but then you have to share it with everyone (including those sweaty people who don’t shower before use! Despite the signs telling them too!), at home it’s just you and your loved ones.

7. Increase your Home Value – Hot Tubs can raise the value of your home and impress prospective buyers, should you ever decide to sell up.

8. Reading – The hot tub is a great place to read without being interrupted. The comfort of the hot tub allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage while reading with no distractions.

9. Getting Up Made Easier – If you’re not a morning person and find that your dragging yourself to the bathroom when the alarm goes off, you might find your day a little easier to get into if you relax in your hot tub with a cup of coffee before getting started. The calming sound of the birds in the background can turn your morning outings in a valued time.

10. Relieves Tired Bodies – Whether it was a hard day at the gym or work, a soak in the hot tub will pulsate the warm water around the body which increases blood supply to your joints which in turn relieves pain.

The Pure Feeling of Owning a Hot Tub – Just knowing you own a hot tub and have one in your back garden is a major benefit all round!

For further advice or to see our Marquis Spas and hot tubs in action, come and visit us in our Sani-Sol Pool & Spa Showroom at 149 Iber Road, Stittsville, Ontario. It is only 20 kms from downtown Ottawa. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you out. If you can’t make it down to our showroom, give us a call on 613-831-3698 and we will be able to talk you through our hot tubs on the phone.

Originally Posted by: Natalie Roberts at http://www.spasunlimited.co.uk/norfolk-hot-tubs-news/10-main-benefits-of-owning-a-hot-tub/

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