Your Phone is your Pool & Spa Buddy

Technology has come a long way especially that of cell phones. They are capable of so much. Pools and Spas can be paired with smart phones to control a wide array of options, features and special effects. But did you know that they can be the ultimate time saving tool when visiting your local pool & spa dealer?

Pic-of-poolOften times a visit is required when we discover a problem with our pool or hot tub. Before rushing off for some aide grab you cell phone and capture the problem with a quick video or a few pics. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. It can make all the difference when trying to explain the degree of green in your pool, strange substance floating in your spa or odd problem that words just can’t describe. Our trained staff will be better able to determine the problem and suggest the proper course of action rather than guessing with trial and error.

Product_photoAnother helpful use is… before you leave the house, snap a picture of your current supplies. This will help you remember what you have on hand and what you may need to purchase if your supplies are in fact running low. If you happen to have a wide variety of brands and products a photo will make it easier to give instruction especially when it’s a different brand.

Having an issue with your hot tub? Strange codes ? A photo of the display and perhaps the make and model of the tub always helps.  Best part is, these days the phone is rarely far away and it can be a great habit to form to save you time and money.

Written by Phil Tanguay, Manager Sani-Sol Pool & Spa

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