New Smart Tubs Allow Additional Energy Savings

Do you like the idea of getting a hot tub but are concerned with the constant energy rate hikes or peak and off-peak rates? Newer spa technology, like that from Marquis Spas,  now allows users to take advantage of the better rates with programmable topside controllers.

Hot tubs and Spas are certainly getting more enegry efficient, using better materials that allow for better heat retention and operation. But the fact remains they do draw power and in our colder climate that can mean a significantly higher hydro bill at the end of the month.

Spas draw the most amount of power when heating the water, especially when fresh filling with cold water. The colder the water the longer and harder the heater has to run. One tip if you fill with cold water turn the power on later in the evening and allow to heat overnight to save a few dollars. If you cheat and fill with hot water you’ll cut down on how long it takes but depednding on your water tank may or may not save.

Hot tubs draw only minimal energy to maintain heat as the insulation plays a huge role. Provided the cover stays closed or is only left open for minimal time frame.

The next factor is when pumps are called into action like for scheduled filtration cycles. This is when the tub runs all the water through a filtration system to clean, disinfect and polish the water. Cycles can range from 1-3 or more hours and typically dfault at twice per day or more. This can definitely add to the power consumption.

Control-Panel_0241New topside controllers allow for the programming of these cycles to take place when you want them to as opposed to pre-timed intervals. We are in a region where there are peak, off-peak and shoulder periods of the day where energy rates will cost more or less. Usually day-time rates are highest as power companies are trying to curb consumers to use more during off-peak times of the day such as evenings and over night. Marquis Spas offers a new digital topside controller on their Signature models that make it easy for users to ask for filtration cycles to happen during off-peak time frames.

True that we cannot change when we maintain heat, but we can certainly change the filtration cycles and choose when to heat our tubs. Every little bit counts.

One other tip is to ensure your thermal cover is in good condition and not water logged as heat rentention goes way down.

Remember to consider energy consumption as part of the overall price tag on a hot tub or spa purchase.

By Phil Tanguay

Manager, Sani-Sol Pool & Spa


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