Want your hot tub to feel like a Salt-Water tub?

SpaGuard Optimizer PlusEnjoying your hot tub… except that you feel itchy or dry skin or maybe just dislike the sanitizer odor? Heard that “salt-water tubs” don’t have these problems? There is a way to easily correct this without having to invest a ton of money or replace your tub.

SpaGuard’s Optimizer® Plus conditions the water and improves overall water comfort while protecting your spa’s heater and improving the performance of your sanitizer. It also has a pleasant fragrance that cuts the smell of bromine or chlorine.

  • Contains built-in corrosion inhibitors

  • Makes water feel soft and silky

This is a simple additive that is broadcast into your spa once a week. Combined with proper water balance it actually helps stabilize the balance and fluctuation of pH, alkalinity and maximizes sanitizer efficiency – which means you save on chemical and have less frequent adjustments.

Most importantly Optimizer® Plus  makes the water feel silky smooth and leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft so you can truly enjoy the comfort of your hot tub.

Get the same if not better feeling than a salt-water tub for a fraction of the cost and without the headaches of salt-water tubs that are often not discussed.

Drop by Sani-Sol Pool & Spa and pick up your Optimizer® Plus today!


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